Johansen’s Pool Service & Repair Services

Pool Maintenance

Johansen’s Pool Service, Inc is a pool and spa maintenance company with as many as 15 technicians working full time to maintain pools in Washington County communities.  We are certified to maintain commercial properties by passing the Aquatics Facility Operator test.  Our technicians are trained to clean the pools, check and balance the chemicals, inspect the systems and the equipment, reporting to the office any repairs that the homeowner should be aware of.  We service about 600 pools in the county year round.

Johansen’s Pool Service proudly performs pool and spa water testing with the WaterLink Spin photometer by LaMotte.

Repair Service Center

Johansen’s Pool Service, Inc. is also a pool repair service center.  We perform all types of repairs such as pumps, filters, heaters, automatic covers, O-Zone systems, ORP Systems, solar systems, etc.

Much of today’s equipment is controlled by detailed electronics.  System controllers and remote controls have been designed to be push-button simple, with easy-to-read digital displays and step-by-step menu driven instructions.  With Pentair’s Easy Touch you can remotely control your pool system on your Smart Phone! Johansen’s Pool Service, Inc. is THE Company to call if you would like to automate your control system or need repairs on your current system.

We repair or replace pool decking and surfaces as well as major remodeling work to your existing pool or spa.

Our experienced repair staff has over 90 years of combined experience in the pool repair business!  They are experts!

Waterfall into pool

Warranty Service Center

Johansen’s Pool Service, Inc. is a Warranty Service Center for all major swimming pool manufacturers. Pentair is a major distributor for pool equipment in St. George and JPS is Pentair’s Preferred Warranty Partner in Pool equipment repair.  As well as Pentair we are the warranty station for Zodiac, Jandy, Hayward, and Paramount.

Dedicated Office Staff

Dedicated office staff take your calls immediately and promise to keep you apprised of their resolution. These experienced men & women bring over 50 years of combined customer service experience to Johansen’s Pool Service, Inc.  They are courteous and respectful of your concerns. Customers call with confidence knowing they  will be heard and responded to in a timely manner.